Our donors are the lifeblood of our organization. Due to the nature of the type of support THFC offers -- financial bridge assistance -- we absolutely could not function without the generosity of our Colorado community. Read below to see why our donors continue to support the cause.

“ My son was in combat in Afghanistan. He told me of the sacrifices the soldiers made for us in the performance of their duties. I  believe we need to also sacrifice  financial resources in order to support the veterans who are in need of help. Providing this help to them seems to be a small price to pay for what they have done for us.” -- Barkley D. Heuser

"The Home Front Cares fills an essential niche in our state. I support THFC because of our military member and family clients, our staff and our volunteers. Our clients have been in places and situations that most people avoid and as a result our military and their families are facing challenges that cause difficulties at work and at home. This is all because they said yes to our country when most of us won’t or can’t say yes. Our clients can see a brighter future but it is just out of reach due to a financial obstacle. THFC provides a bridge past that obstacle so that the days ahead can stay brighter rather than become darker." -- Rita Worster

"When the All Colorado Beer Festival started 10 years ago, we wanted one of our beneficiaries to be associated with military and veteran support. We worked with several different organizations over the early years of the festival before finding THFC. Since the THFC has been an annual beneficiary. We have found that THFC exemplifies everything we find important in a charitable organization: the money really goes to help military personnel, the organization is lean and mean, grants are one time events intended to help the individual over a rough patch not make them dependent, and every member and volunteer in the organization believes passionately in what they do. Over six years, ACBF has donated $74,500 to THFC." -- Randy Dipner

"Being an Ex-military member I’ve always wanted to do something to help military families and veterans. What a better way to remember them than on 9/11 15 years after the destruction of the Twin Towers. We catered in BBQ and invited friends over to enjoy each other’s company and donate to a good cause. The good reviews of The Home Front organization were the defining reasons for supporting their cause." – Ron Formanek 


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