"I commanded at just about every level in the Air Force during my career…12 of the 34 years in uniform.  I have personally seen the trials and tribulations that our enlisted families endure.  Having THFC available truly makes an impact in the lives of so many families who just need a “bump” to make it through the month while still treating all with respect and dignity." -- Tony Przybyslawski, Boeing

"Why I am so passionate about HFC.  I served in the Army in the 60's and 70's.  It was a difficult time.  Demonstrations, rioting and verbal/physical abuse against the military.  Afterwards I wanted to make a difference.  This holds true today.  We must show we care and be there to support the soldiers, their families and of course the veterans." -- Tom Miller

"Having been engaged with The  Home Front Cares almost from the beginning, I have been impressed by the commitment of the small staff, Board, and Advisory Board to the original mission of our founders - supporting our military, their families, and veterans who need help.  THFC was started locally and the support stays local to Colorado - very important to my decisions." -- Brian Binn, USAFA

"Thfc supports the most needy & least supported, by our government, soldiers & veterans of our military!  It focuses on our state, Colorado & mostly Colorado Springs. I also support the many dedicated volunteers who so passionately work to fulfill the mission of THFC!" -- Bob Stein

"I had completed an Air Force career and was looking for an opportunity to give something back to our vets and their families. A. friend suggested I consider The Home Front Cares (THFC) as an option. I knew both Joe Henjum and Bob Carlone, the co-founders, from other organizations and spent some time with Joe discussing the specifics. I was hooked and later applied for Board membership. Fortunately, I was accepted and began a very productive and rewarding time on the Board. Highlights were supporting the "right mission," an excellent  team of volunteers, and an equally great staff. It was a winning combination and we did, and continue to do, some great things for our vets. Hats off to THFC. Joe and Bob would be proud !!" -- Tom Daschbach

“… THFCs fills a desperate need for our military and Veteran families for emergency financial assistance.   We work hard to prevent veterans and their families from becoming homeless. Many have small children!  Most just need a little financial boost to raise themselves to a self-subsisting level.  …” -- John Dunker

"I was searching for a non-profit association with which to become associated. I was attracted to The Home Front Cares by the uniqueness  of its mission. No other military related non-profit provides emergency cash assistance to prevent homelessness among military members, veterans and their families.  I was also attracted by the dedication and passion with which THFC staff and volunteers carry out its mission." -- Tom Krebs

"I advocate for and support The Home Front Cares since THFC provides emergency grants to pay essential life expenses like rent, utilities and car repairs to Veterans which directly supports the mission of the El Paso County Homeless Veterans Coalition’s mission “to improve the lives of Homeless Veterans through direct service programs designed to overcome Veteran homelessness.”  Entities like THFC are an essential component of an overall community strategy necessary to lift up Veterans and their families undergoing difficult situations." -- Joe Carlson – Chairman El Paso County Homeless Veterans Coalition , Member of the THFC Board of Directors, and Post Commander VFW Post 7829

"I have been volunteering with Home Front Cares since 2004. These experiences have been some of the most rewarding actions I have taken to assist others in my 60 plus years. As a financial donor I have witnessed the actions this organization takes to insure hard earned funds go to assist those most in need.  The organization has been flexible as the needs have changed over the years. With several board members having prior military service, the organization stays in touch with Colorado Military Leaders, Units, and Govt Agencies to insure accurate insight into needs." -- Sincerely, Al Batey

"I have been associated with The Home Front Cares since June of 2003 when Joe and Bob first founded the organization.  At the time I worked for an emergency assistance funding agency and the organization what happy to make a grant to THFC.  Since that time I have continued to support the THFC because it is one of the few agencies in the state that provides assistance for those who do and have served.  This is a vital resource for all military persons and their families who might just need a hand up to be back on their feet." -- Jennie Miller


Colorado Springs Office
1120 N Circle Dr #230
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Helpline: 719.434.1501
Office: 719.434.1407
Fax: 719.387.9799

Email: info@thehomefrontcares.org

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