Read below for a few ways that you can give your time to support THFC's mission and give back to our Colorado military and veteran families. Our volunteer opportunities are not limited to this list, so please fill out our volunteer form below for the latest updates on THFC's volunteer needs. If you are looking for information regarding organizing an event to benefit THFC, please visit our Community Support page here

Welcome Home Heroes Program

Since 2003, The Home Front Cares has been welcoming home planes of soldiers returning home to Colorado Springs from Iraq and Afghanistan with a handshake, a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a Coca-Cola and smile of gratitude. Volunteers are there to greet these planes any time, day or night. One of the individuals who started the program, Al Batey, says it "is the right thing to do. And it never gets old, welcoming these soldiers who are protecting our freedom oversees. Now they need us to protect them.” Read more about the Hungry Heroes Program here. For more information on how you can welcome home our brave troops, please contact us at or 719-209-4613. 

Community Got Your Six

What does it mean to tell someone “I’ve got your six?” On the battlefield, you’re constantly looking forward and around, but you often need someone to help cover your back. In our military, if someone tells you they’ve “got your six” it means they’ve got your back. The saying was coined by fighter pilots during World War I when referencing directions – with the front of the plane being in the 12 o’clock position and the rear of the plane at six o’clock.

Community Got Your Six is a way for our local community to show the service members and veterans that The Home Front Cares works with that we’ve got their six during their current financial crisis by writing notes of encouragement, which we will then pass along to them at the time of assistance. This is a simple, but extremely meaningful way to support our military and veteran families - and a great way to get your kids involved in giving back! Please click here to download more information.

Join a Committee

From helping us organize our annual "Veterans Cup" golf tournament in the summer or our "For The Love Of Our Troops" dinner in the fall to sharing your marketing or fundraising expertise, there are several opportunities to get involved in a committee with THFC. For more information on our committees and how you can get signed up to serve, please contact us at

Are you looking to volunteer with THFC and help Colorado veterans, active duty service members and their families? We’d love to have you! Please complete the short form below with your contact information and how you’d like to help so that we can find a good fit for you. We’ll be in touch with you very soon with a few ideas for how you can assist THFC the most! You can find information on some of our volunteer opportunities here.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with THFC! If you have any questions, please contact our Development Department at 719-209-4613 or If you are looking for information regarding organizing an event to benefit THFC, or for other ways to give back, please visit our Community Support page here


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