A gift to The Home Front Cares provides a home for a family sleeping in their car, warmth for a family during the winter months or the means for the family caretaker to continue getting to work.


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  • Crucial to Colorado military and veteran families

Your donation to veterans will be applied where it is most needed and to the approved military family next in queue for assistance.
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Each month, hundreds of men and women are being let go from our local military installations and are working hard to make the transition into civilian life in our Colorado communities. The Home Front Cares continues to be there to offer the financial bridge support our veterans need to get on their feet. You can help support this effort by donating to veterans through THFC.

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After being deployed 7 times and then retired from the Army, Charlie had a claim in for VA Disability that he was still waiting on. His family, including 4 children, was in jeopardy of losing their utilities as his final pay was being held for 45 days. He had used all of his tax return and savings to prepay rent and set up medical and dental insurance for his family. He was actively looking for a job while his wife was in school. Our assistance filled the gap between his military service and the beginning of his GI Bill benefits and kept the utilities on.

For $200 you can help a family like Charlie’s keep their lights and heat on.

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James was discharged out of the military and immediately began working. Seven months into his job, he began having seizures due to a disorder and he lost his job. No longer able to work, drive, be completely alone or alone with their 5 young children, James’ wife stayed home to care for him, leaving them both without employment and living off of his VA Disability, his wife’s child support, WIC and Food Stamps. THFC’s bridge assistance helped this family avoid homelessness by satisfying their rent payment for 2 months until they would start receiving his wife’s VA Caregiver Benefits.

For $1,000 you can help a family like James’ keep their home.

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Ben, an Army veteran, has been living out of his car while he works with a partner agency to secure permanent housing. He is currently employed, but his car needed repairs so that he could continue going to work. THFC was able to assist Ben with repairing his vehicle as well as with one car payment, which has helped to keep him employed and able to independently travel to job sites around the Front Range. Ben said this was the first significant job he’s had in 7 months and his employer is planning to keep him on full time going forward. With this job, Ben has been able to build his skills and knowledge base, which have made him more competitive in a crowded job market.

For $250, you can help a veteran like Ben repair his vehicle and maintain his employment.

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