Back in 2009 The Home Front Cares expanded our services to the entire state, increasing the number of clients our case managers help on a daily basis. Here is an interview with one of our case managers about her work, cases, and opinions about THFC! 

1) What was the best case you ever worked? 

Best case was helping a Vietnam Veteran living in the mountains on a very low, fixed budget.  We were able to get his utilities turned back on.  He spent a lot of time in the hospital and his heat needed to stay on for his dog.  Usually, he uses a wood burning stove and has a very low utility bill.

2) What was the worst case you ever worked? 

There is no "worst" case.  It is hard to say no to people. We can't help every Veteran that is in a financial crisis - that is the hardest part of the job

3) As a military spouse, what do you feel is the biggest problem our transitioning military faces? 

Enlisted soldiers are used to having their hands held.  They live on post and their rent and utilities are automatically paid so the money they have left is their 'fun' money.  Also, it is tough to work with Veterans that feel they are entitled to every benefit out there and don't understand that every organization has limitations.

4) Please describe what a typical work day looks like for you. 

A typical workday includes listening to the messages left on the Help Line at least twice and returning all of those calls.  Anywhere from 3 to 15 calls daily.  Depending on our caseload I speak with referring agents, landlords, utility companies, car repair shops and of course Clients  I would love to say I have a set schedule but I react to the fires that come up.

5) What is your favorite thing about THFC? 

Favorite thing?  Flexibility and direct contact with the Veterans.  We are making a direct impact on their lives.

6) If THFC did not exist, what do you think would happen to our community? 

Without THFC our community would be missing that financial bridge that we can supply.  There are other organizations, however, they take weeks if not months to grant financial help.  Our ability to respond quickly is unique.


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