Growing up in a military family, you see service men and women as figures that are “larger-than-life”. They’re patriots, family members, heroes and warriors. Behind the uniform however, they’re people that face the same everyday challenges that we face, as well as challenges that most of us can’t understand on a fundamental level. The drama and conflict we’ve only seen in blockbuster war movies are things that they’ve had to experience and endure in real life (and remember many of them do so before they even are 20 years old).

After their service, these people are expected to come back to the States and adapt back to civilian life. These veterans must integrate into whatever college they choose to attend, or whatever company that hires them. Many people can relate to the awkward experience of being in a new place and not knowing anyone there. That uncomfortable feeling of being out of place and not knowing where to start or what to do. That is what many vets have to struggle with, on top of any financial, psychological or physical burdens they have to return home with. This is why I was so intrigued when I came across The Home Front Cares.

On the surface level, The Home Front Cares provides an “emergency financial bridge” to support military members and their families. After more exploration and talks with the people who actually are a part of the organization, I realized they were so much more than that. Their goal isn’t to give handouts, it’s to do good, provide value, and increase the quality of living of the service members they work with. Coming from a military community, and as a Financial Advisor, I know how important of a role finances can play in the overall happiness a person has in their life. That is why I was very excited to hear that The Home Front Cares is developing more programs to help veterans to succeed in education/college, business, and life in general. They want to help veterans and service members from all generations, and I think by doing so they will have a greater impact on the community as a whole.

You can’t solve every problem by throwing money at it, but The Home Front Cares is dedicated to improving the lives of the people they serve and are shifting their focus to work towards completing that mission. That is why I support The Home Front Cares, and if you are looking to get involved with an organization that will actually have an impact in the community, you should too.

Brent S. | Financial Advisor

Photo by Benjamin Faust on Unsplash


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