By Rita Worster, THFC Board Member

The Home Front Cares fills an essential niche in our state.  I support THFC because of our military member and family clients, our staff and our volunteers.  Our clients have been in places and situations that most people avoid and as a result our military and their families are facing challenges that cause difficulties at work and at home.  This is all because they said yes to our country when most of us won’t or can’t say yes.  Our clients can see a brighter future but it is just out of reach due to a financial obstacle.  THFC provides a bridge past that obstacle so that the days ahead can stay brighter rather than become darker. 

I have been on the case review committee and have read the stories of many people who are facing difficulties I think I would crumble under.  They are trying hard and essentially apologize that they have to ask for help.  I want to apologize that as a country we haven’t stepped up enough to provide the treatment and support for the “unseen” injuries that have wounded our military members such as PTSD, anxiety, family stress that leads to divorce or loss of the family support, just to mention a few of the problems.

The assistance THFC provides is possible only because of our dedicated and hard-working staff and volunteers.  I am in awe of the amount of assistance that THFC accomplishes with just seven paid staff – they all deserve a hearty thank you.  Each of them likely could find a job that pays them more outside of the nonprofit sector but they choose to work where their hearts are.

The volunteers for THFC give above and beyond what I have seen at many other organizations.  Not just one or two, but many people give hundreds of hours each year in support of the mission of THFC.  I am humbled to be just a small part of the tremendous effort put forth by the volunteers.  Perhaps Winston Churchill sums it up best: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”   


Colorado Springs Office
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