he Home Front Cares clients are veterans from all branches, all wars, and all situations: often they just need a little bit of help. THFC exists to prevent our clients from becoming homeless, losing their utilities and cars, and in doing so we provide hope for a better future. 

To help our loyal donors, supporters and those new to THFC to learn more about our clients, here is the first of many Client Spotlights.  


Julio F is a 100% service connected Veteran with a wife and two young children. He was inbetween when his 

separation pay ended and his VA disablity benefits began. All he needed was help with his morgage and utilities for September. 

When clients come into the office they are greeted by our office manager and the case manager they worked with or our Program manager. In Julio's case, he was greeted by both our Program manager and brand new case manager. For her, Julio was her first client to ever come into the office, so it was a learning experience for both case manager and client. 

Julio was instantly making everyone laugh and smile. He continued to thank our whole office for helping him, and was extremely excited to recieve a gift card and thank you note from our Community Got Your Six program. 

When the Development staff asked him for a testimonial, his reply recieved many more laughs and smiles.  "Do you want it in English, Spanish, Spanglish or all

 three?" HIs humble, but infectiously positive attitude about his situation left everyone at THFC office feeling light and accomplished. 

"Thanks to The Home Front Cares that my family and I are able to pay our mortgage and utilities. This company is there to help our veterans in need while transitioning to civilian. Thank you so much to The Home Front Cares. Love everything you do for us veterans."


Even though Julio was in a tight spot, he still was able to laugh and make our staff laugh as well. Our veterans are resiliant people, but without our help they might not be able to get back on their feet. 

Your donations to The Home Front Cares provide more then just stable housing or turning the utilities on. You are supporting a veteran with the opportunity to continue providing for their family, or finishing their education. These intangible benefits are worth as much to our service members as money. 

To help us support more veterans like Julio, please vist out donate page and find out how you can make a difference.


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