To Our Veterans and Veteran Supporters,

At The Home Front Cares every day is Veteran’s Day. Every day our program staff and office manager are talking with clients, providing resource coordination, and cutting checks directly to creditors. Every day there are new stories about the challenges our veterans face that others cannot imagine: from benefit checks getting mailed to other countries and years of counseling for PTSD, to dishonest landlords taking advantage of potential renters.

Our Veterans volunteered their lives to protect us and to provide a Nation we can be proud of.  Here is our appreciation for your service:

Thank you to the World War I and II veterans
Thank you to the Korean and Vietnam war veterans
Thank you to the Gulf war veterans
Thank you to all those who struggled during and immediately after 9/11
Thank you to the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars
Thank you to all our current active duty military who will one day be veterans
Thank you for fighting, voluntarily, in all wars
Thank you to all veterans

Just as important to thank on this day, are the people who support our veterans. At any time in our lives we can proudly say that we have at least met someone in the military. Many of us have the privilege to be directly affected by knowing a service member. Those of us related to or who choose to be related to service members experience their hardships first hand.

Thank you to the wives and husbands
Thank you to the parents and siblings
Thank you to the friends and fellow military
Thank you to the admirers and believers
Thank you to the current and future military children 

These are the people who stand by our veterans during both good times and bad, and being that support is never easy. 

We cannot thank each and every person enough just on one day, so let's make every day Veteran's Day. 


The Home Front Cares 


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