Why They Partner With Us

We work with over 40 partner agencies throughout the state. It is through strong collaboration that we are able to offer our Colorado veterans the assistance that they need to take steps forward and overcome the unique challenges they face. Read below for words of thanks from our partners.  

"It has been a sincere pleasure to work with THFC to help our local military community. I have enjoyed interacting with the employees and together finding ways to best assist veterans and active duty personnel overcome hardships. THFC is go-to resource that empowers veterans to succeed."  -- Christian Nunez, Peak Military Care Network

"The Home Front Cares is a great organization to work with because we can count on them working with veterans in a respectful and knowledgeable manner. They are one of the only agencies in town that are not restricted by zip code or geography and are able to assist a wide range of veterans in an efficient way. We are able to work in a collaborative way together as partner agencies in order to address issues effecting veterans in financial crisis in Colorado Springs."  -- Tammi Tiefel, Peak Military Care Network

"I just wanted to thank you for helping one of my veterans, [client name withheld]. He just told me today about how generously HFC assisted him so that he can keep his truck (and go to school and work), keep his housing, and register his truck. I believe that he will use this assistance to become independent and give back to others." -- Community Partner in Denver

"I've been speaking with [THFC client], and I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you and your team provided for him and his partner! Much appreciated!" -- Michael T DeSalvo, MSW, Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) – Back Home

"It has been my pleasure working with you and your staff.  There are no words to express my appreciation for all the support you provide for our veterans in need." -- Community Partner in Denver

"I wanted to thank you and your team for helping house Mr. G and Mr. F. Especially, Mr. G, who got into him apartment for Thanksgiving." - Hud/Vash Social Worker