Welcome to our FY 2017 donors page. Our 2017 fiscal year began on May 1, 2016. Our staff at THFC is small -- although we appreciate every dollar that we receive, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to list every donation that comes in. Please know, though, that we are grateful for each and every donation, no matter the size. Everyone that gives is making a true difference in the lives of our Colorado military and veteran families.

We update this page monthly, so if you don't see your donation listed, please be patient and we will update the list soon. 


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              Rick and Kathryn Ambrose 

              William A. and Deborah Cain


              April Conway-Speake

              Peter and Vivian Teets

              Joseph & Linda Woodford


              Larry Brachfeld

              Douglas Diederich

              Jason Lord

              Carol Lubell

              Frank Peloso

              Robert & Susie Peterson

              Thomas & Monica Rikli

              David & Diana Tohlen


              William & Betty Sexton Ball

              Mike Beagley 

              James Brown III

              Brad & Paula Butler

              Lewis and Phyllis Casbon 

              James Danbury

              Thomas & Kathleen Daschbach

              Carolyn Dekok

              Judith Dinkel

              Michael & Cheryl Disque 

              Richard Dudding 

              John & Ann Dunker

              Joe Farwell

              Vivi Gloriod

              Rick D. & Cynthia Reinhold Haterius

              Leonard Jenkins

              Gary Jordan

              Trent King

              William Lambert

              Kelly Lange

              Carl and Angelina Marchetto  

              Lisa Martin 

              Todd O'Connell

              Debbie Reardon

              Douglas & Aurora Smellie

              Dr. John Spine

              Robert Stein

              Kevin & Anne Marie Stone

              Connie Sullivan

              Thomas & Sandra Swinford

              Daniel and Elizabeth Tell 

              Robert Traylor

              Karen Vanzant

              Carroll Vaughan

              Randy and Linda Watson

              Timothy & Brynn Watson

              Luke & Ivy Webb

              Dan & Wanda Wright

              Joe & Julia Wysocki


              Jim Ambuehl 

              Gary Bain

              Al Batey

              William & Marsh Baugh

              Aaron Berger 

              Donna Coen

              Randy & Trice Dipner

              Tim & Betty Gaylord

              Scott Goodlive

              Dean Gunter

              Rick D & Cynthia Reinhold Haterius

              Ted & Charie Hilbun  

              Phil & Barbara Hosmer

              Howard & Margaret Hungerford

              Kathleen Hybl

              Mary Kiemel

              Andy & Lori Krance

              Lucien Lane

              Robert Molyneaux

              David & Sharon O'Bryant

              Keith Oliver

              Vito & Barbara Pagano

              Estella Rummelein

              George & Ardis Sawaya

              Thomas Smith

              Bill & Leslie Stahelin

              David & Teresa Tom

              Margaret Torreano 

              Malham & Lynn Wakin

              Donald Washburn

              Jules & Theresa Watson

              Teri Wise


              Andy Abols

              LuAnn Anderson

              Robert & Victoria Anderson

              Lt. Col (Ret) & Mrs. Ronald & Susan Bancroft 

              William Berry Jr. 

              Zachary W. Batey

              Ed & Cynthia Baur

              Bill & Patti Baxter

              Jared Bindl

              William & Kristine Bradley

              Wes Caldwell

              Roger & Sharon Carleton

              Joe Carlson

              Wesley & Virginia Clark

              Denise Cohn

              Dwight Deem

              John & Colleen Denny

              Michael & Lisa Dillingham

              Greogry & Suzanne Ernster 

              Joe Farwell

              Sue Fenske

              Sean Foster

              John & Cynthia Frank

              Bruce & Diane Turner Fritzsche

              Steve Gaines

              Matt & Cathy Gendron

              Michael & Robyn Hadley

              Ronald & Mary Hagler

              Hannah Henry

              Linda & Duane Jensen

              Roxanna Johnson

              William T. Jon

              Gary & Cynthia Jordan

              William & Diane Kane 

              Mary Kiemel 

              Thomas A. Krebs

              Gunter & Christel Krimm

              Robert & Catherine Lally

              Rodney & Jillan Lusey

              Mike Maiurro

              Howard & Marcia Mann 

              Dennis & Janie McCormack

              Max & Trix Miller

              James Moore

              Richard J Mosbach

              Robert and Kim Nartker

              Bill & Valeta Poage

              Brian & Michelle Rau

              Jack Rauer 

              Robert & Patricia Smith 

              Louis & Christy Spicciati

              James R. Stohlman

              Sandra Terry

              Michale & Anne Torreano

              Donald Washburn

              Rod & Pat Winkler