Enjoy the Taste of Freedom

While most Americans go safely about their daily lives, our brave military men and women are often in harsh and life-threatening conditions protecting our homes and our Freedom. MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) are what help fuel them while in the field.

You can also get a taste of what keeps our men and women going as they press on and fight for our country.

When you order MREs from THFC, you'll help Colorado service members, veterans and military families pay essential life expenses like rent and utilities. MREs have a long shelf life and are a great thing to keep in your car in case of emergency or to take along camping or hunting. They come with a heating element to warm up your meal - all you need is water to activate it.

Proceeds from the sale of MREs through the THFC website benefit The Home Front Cares and our Colorado veterans and military families.

How to get your MRE:

You can order your MREs in the blue box to the right or by calling (719) 434-1407. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

If you order fewer than 5 MREs, we'll work with you to set up a convenient time for you to pick them up at The Home Front Cares’ office, 1120 N. Circle Drive, Suite 7 – that’s the strip mall across from Cheers Liquor Mart. We’re on the ground floor, south side of the building.

If you order 5 or more MREs, we will deliver them to your Colorado Springs home or workplace. Note: because of the logistics and volunteer mileage involved, we can only deliver within Colorado Springs. But, we hope that a successful campaign this year will let us widen the delivery area next year. 

For more information, or to order 100 or more MREs, contact our office on at (719) 434-1407 or info@thehomefrontcares.org

Special thanks to Old Colorado City Surplus for providing the MREs at cost! And, of course, thank you to our brave diners for eating like a soldier to support our Colorado military! For more information on the meal components, please visit: http://www.mre-meals.net/

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