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When The Home Front Cares first began in 2003, we were an all-volunteer organization. Today, we have a full-time staff of six professionals who are supported by an engaged Board and cadre of dedicated volunteers.


Linda Boedeker | Interim Executive Director
Christina Webb | Director of Development
Amy Cutler | Program Manager
Susette Ryan | Case Manager
Kristen Fowler | Case Manager
Ruth D. Fischer-Wilson | Office Manager


Dr. Andy Cain | Chair
Col. David R. Tohlen, USAF (Ret) | Vice Chair
Ms. Carolyn DeKok | Secretary
Mr. Brad Whitten, CPA | Treasurer
Mr. Scott Hallam | Advisory Board Chair
Mr. Al Batey
Mr. Mike Beagley
Mr. Lars Bergstrom, Esq.
Mr. Joe Carlson
Ms. Lorelle Davies
Mr. Tom Krebs

Ms. Katie Lally
Mr. Frank Peloso

Mr. Tony Przybyslawski
Ms. Michelle Rau
Ms. Stephani Ritter

Mr. Kevin Stone
Mr. Kurt Story


Mr. Scott Hallam | Advisory Board Chair
Lt. Gen Ed Anderson, USA (Ret)
Mr. Brian Binn
Brig Gen Brad Butler, USAF (Ret)
Mr. Tom Daschbach
Ms. Carolyn DeKok
Mr. Randy Dipner
Col Jack Gloriod, USA (Ret)
Mr. Gary Jordan
Ms. Joan Klein
Mr. Brian Louf 

Ms. Katherine “Kitty” Luce, Director Emeritus
Mr. Al Mathews
Ms. Jenefer Miller, Second Officer, WRNS (Ret)
Dr. Max Miller, Col USAF (Ret), Director Emeritus
Mr. Tom Miller
Col. Bob Peterson, USAF (Ret)
Maj Gen Bentley Rayburn, USAF (Ret), Past President
Ms. Betty Sexton
Dr. Bob Stein, Brig Gen., USAF (Ret)
Mr. Paul Stone
Mr. George Ulrich, MD, FACS
Mr. R. Jay Warwick
Ms. Rita F. Worster, CPA